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Research Centre - Commerce

KVM college  continues its pursuit of imparting knowledge to hundreds and thousands of students.It has turned out into be a centre of excellence.The college has got 9 graduate  and 5 post graduate courses to its credit.A well- equipped Library,with digital facilities  caters to the needs of regular as well as the other aspirants. Commerce Department is a premier center ,and it offers course s in finance, co operation,and management studies.Highly-experienced and resource ful facilities are a reason for the upgradation of the department into a Research Center. The centre certainly can do a lot more in guiding tens and hundreds in the new areas of enquiry.With the cutting edge technology and services,the department of Research may succeed in exploring innovative strategies for the benefit of the research seekers.  As the centre,gets opened, the department naturally becomes connected with other Reserch centers in the mutual give and take of  varied academic exercises.

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Santhosh Babu PC

Dr . Santhosh Babu PC

Assistant Professor
Divya M

Dr . Divya M

Assistant Professor

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