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Student in Palliative Care

IInitiated by MES Keveeyam College in association with the Pain and Palliative Care Society, the programme envisages the involvement of students of the institution in palliative care activities. Selected students are regularly attending home care for the bedridden patients. Collection boxes are installed in all the classes and the students are donating amounts. At the end of the month the amount collected is handed over the Palliative Care Society which in turn is used for the palliative activities. The students organised a palliative survey at the adopted village Mayiladi to find out the more about patients in the village who need palliative care. Following the findings, students accompany volunteers from Palliative Society to provide home care in the adopted village..


Economic- Health-Social Survey


In association with Pain and Palliative Valanchery Unit, College  Palliative care units conducted Economic- Health-Social Survey in 12th ward of Valanchery Municipality


Awareness class on pain and palliative caring


Conducted an awareness class on pain and palliative caring

Distribution of School Kit


In association with Valanchery Palliative Cell, NSS unit collected school stationary items including note books, geometry boxes, pen, and pencil etc. for flood affected villages of Wyanad District