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Geham(Home for Homeless)

The college is situated in a rural area and a major portion of the population around the college as well among its students are below poverty line. The college Management Committee put forth a project Abhayageham (Home for Homeless) in 2014, bringing together different stakeholders of the college to lend a helping hand to those in society who are in need of shelter. Under this project, 3 houses were built for families in need of them. Contributions were collected from PTA, alumni, students, staff and philanthropic minded members of the community. Staff of the college contributed materially as well by providing utensils and furniture. The most important contribution was from the part of students, who apart from making monetary contribution to the collection of funds, also put in numerous hours of manpower to build the house from ground, thereby significantly reducing the building costs. In 2014-15, a house was built for a student of the college with financial difficulties. In 2018, the NSS units of the college built a house for Smt. Ayisha whose family included her mentally retarded children. The key of the house was handed over by Dr Fazal Gafoor (President, Muslim Educational Society). The Alumni Association of the college built a house for an alumnus of the college with financial and health related difficulties.




18-12-2018 is ever memorable day to each and every volunteers of our NSS unit. In this day the dream of a poor family became flowered. We arranged great function to hand over the key Dr. Fazal Gafoor, President of Muslim Educational Society, Kerala was handed over the key to Smt. Ummukulsu, Irimbiliyam Grama Panchayath. It was a colourful event. We blessed with all the staff and students. Moreover the entire village showered its blessings upon us. We distributed sweets to all.


Abhyageham 2018-19