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Statutory Cells

  • Anti Ragging Cell
  • Grievence And Redressal Cell
  • SC/ST Cell
  • OBC/Minority Welfare
  • Anti Sexual Harassment
  • Internal Complaints Committee

Grievence And Redressal Cell

 Students grievances are given due consideration by the college and as such the grievances are being addressed by the Grievance redressal cell. It is constituted in line with UGC (Grievance Redressal of Students) Regulations, October 2018. The cell addresses all kinds of grievances of students related to admission, fees, examination, scholarships, issue of certificates, provision of amenities, etc. Grievance redressal mechanism is a three tier system which include Departmental Greivance Redressal Committee (DGRC), College Greivance Redressal Committee (CGRC) and University Greivance Redressal Committee (UGRC),


Mr Dinil S
Nodal Officer
Student Coordinator
Sisha MT
Student Coordinator