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Capacity Buiding Programmes

  • WWS
  • SSP
  • ASAP
  • Remedial Coaching
  • CCMY(Coaching Centre for Minority Youth)
  • NPTEL Local Chapter


MES Keveeyam college cater to the need of the weak student through a  programme implemented by the Government of Kerala called the Scholar Support  Program (SSP).  This venture was initiated in 2014-15 acdemic year and has been continuing since its inception sucessfully. Several strategies are undertaken so as to make the prgramme attractive and useful. Special classes are arranged depending on the need of the students from each ug class. Study materials are provided for the students. Personalized classes are given for the students along with group learning.


Dr Preetha S R


Annual Report 2015-16
Annual Report 2014-15


External Mentoring


Classes started for external mentoring in Learning Skills, Life   Skills and IT skills. The list of experts and syllabus was provided by the   Directorate of Collegiate Education. A total of 4 classes for Learning   Skill,32 classes for Life Skills and 24 Classes for IT skill were taken by   Experts.

1.Mr.Sheron K P R (Psychologist and Trainer)-LearningSkill

2.AnithaThayyil  (SDE,ASAP) -LifeSkill

3.Shadiya P (IT Trainer) -ITSkill

Internal Mentoring


Scholar Support Programme was implemented for 1st year UG classes for the academic year 2018 -19 .A total of 70 classes(14 classes per department) were decided for Internal Trainers.The Subjects were selected according to the needs of the students .Stationarykits were distributed to the students.