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IPR Cell

IPR Cell - Committee

  • Dr. C Rajesh (Chairman)
  • Dr Jisha V S (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Najila T Y (IQAC Coordinator-Member)
  • Dr Sailaja U (Member)
  • Dr Preetha SR (Member)

IPR Cell

Intellectual property plays a vital role in providing a viable edge to any Institution. The perceptible resources like inventions, designs, software, brand name and other creative & innovative ideas are more valuable than physical assets. The  IPR Cell is committed to encourage, protect, manage and commercialize Intellectual Property such as Patent, Copyright, Trademark etc. generated through the College. The cell creates conducive environment in the academics for the development of Intellectual Property. Faculty and  research students of thecollege are actively engaged in creating awareness on IPR in academics and research and strictly adheres to the Plagiarism Policies of UGC and of the institution.


To create awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among faculty members and students To organise workshops/seminars on IPR Conduct awareness programmes on IPR. Ensuring adherence to the Plagiarism Policies UGC