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Rules and Regulations for Admission


I. IMPORTANT :  Orders regarding amendments, modifications, additions, deletions, etc., issued by the University from time to time, are to be timely incorporated to these Rules.

 1. General

 1.1. Students shall be admitted to the various programmes of study in affiliated colleges on the basis of the rules prescribed by the University and communicated to the college from time to time.

1.2. All candidates seeking admission to the programmes falling under the purview of CAP should compulsorily complete online registration.

 1.3. Each applicant for admission to UG/PG programmes without entrance, can opt for as much programmes or colleges as notified in each admission notification.

 2. Schedule and Notification

 2.1. The University will notify every year a uniform Schedule of Admission of students for the different programmes of study in the affiliated colleges/Departments/Centres.

 2.2. The Schedule will contain the dates for commencement of online registration, closing of registration, allotments, admissions and commencement of classes.

 2.3. The last date for admission for the respective programmes will be announced in the admission notification.

 2.4. Application for late registration, i.e., after the last date ofissuance and receipt of application for admission to various programmes shall not generally be entertained without prior permission from the University. Such applications shall be considered only after the applications received on time have exhausted.

 2.5. Commencement of classes will be notified in admission notification for each Programme.


3.1. Admission to Senior Degree Classes:- The admissions to senior degree classes  are done through,

                1. College transfer in 3rd and 5th semester for UG and only in Third semester for PG.

                2. Re Admissions

                3. Repeat Semester   

                For the above  admissions  candidates shall apply within two weeks from the commencement of the respective semester.

 3.2. Re-admission to PG semester programmes for discontinued candidates shall be made within one week after the commencement of each semester class. (U.O. No:GAI/J1/ 5760/2003 dated 16.03.2004).

 3.3. The Principals can re-admit such candidates within the sanctioned strength including marginal increase, if any, within the stipulated time. (Circular No.GAI/B1/3946/2002 dated 12.07.2002).

3.4. Admissions to the new colleges or new programmes in existing colleges for which the affiliation orders are received after the commencement of online registration will be conducted in non-CAP mode. But the admissions shall be done only from among the registered candidates. Suchcolleges should not admit any candidate without obtaining guidelines from the Directorate of Admissions. 3.5. The modalities of allotment, its confirmation and admission will be published in the respective prospectus in every academic year.

3.6. Final list of candidates admitted to each category in various programmes shall be entered in the website without fail.

 3.7. The Principal shall fill up all the seats lying vacant as on the closing date, from the candidates in the rank list already published in the website. If vacancies still exist even after the closing date of the admissions, the Principal has the option to fill up such vacancies by candidates seeking college transfer in the form of combination of attendance with permission from the University in this regard. No candidate shall be admitted at any cost after the closing date of admissions without obtaining specific orders from the University.

3.8. Admission to any course of study shall not exceed sanctioned strength in anticipation of the approval by the University.

 3.9. The rules regarding reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Communities including OEC should be strictly followed.

 3.10. A list showing the number of applications received for various programmes from the Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe students and the number of candidates admitted to each programme should be published on the notice board of each college in each academic year (GA I /A2/7899/1997 dated 29.02.2000). A copy of the same should be sent by Registered Post to the Registrar.

 3.11. No fees other than those prescribed by the University/ Government shall be levied from the students.

3.12. Admissions conducted directly by the colleges (Management, Community and Sports Quota).

3.12.(a). For every subject for which admission is to be made, there shall be an Admission Committee in every college consisting of the Principal as Chairman, the Head of the Department of the subject concerned for Degree and PostGraduate courses and one member nominated by the Management.

3.12.(b). The Admission Committee shall prepare the selection list for each subject from the applications received on time.

 3.12.(b).(i). For community quota the admission committee shall prepare a rank list  from among the candidates included in the list issued from the University and reporting on the date schedule for admission.

3.12.(c). All the applications received in the college shall be kept ready for verification by the candidates or by their guardians, if needed.

 3.12.(d). An Application Register shall be maintained by each college, containing the following details of all applications received.

             1. CAP ID/Online Registration ID

          2. Serial Number

          3. Application Number (application issued by the College)

          4. Name and address of the applicant

          5. Date of receipt of application

          6. Caste with community (Specify OBC/OEC/SC/ST etc.)

          7. Marks secured at the qualifying examination with name of qualifying examination                 (Specifying the authority issuing the certificate).

          8. Ranking marks: 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices

          9. Date of issuance of interview card, if eligible for admission

         10. Date of interview.

          11. Whether selected and admitted to the programme of study

          12. Remarks

 3.13. The interview cards shall be posted ”Under Certificate of Posting”, if cards are returned undelivered, the fact should be noted in the remarks column of the register against the name of the applicant concerned.

3.14. Admission Register

All affiliated colleges, University Teaching Departments/ Centres should invariably maintain an Admission Register. The Admission Register should contain the following details,

  1. CAP ID 2.
  2. Admission Number
  3.  Name
  4. Name of Parent/Guardian and the relationship with the candidate
  5. Occupation of parent or Guardian and his residence
  6.  School/College previously attended and the periods spend in each standard (dates to be specified)
  7.  Date of Admission
  8. Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)
  9. Religion
  10.  Caste
  11.  Standard on Admission (class to which student is admitted)
  12. Standard of Leaving (from which class student is leaving)
  13.  Date of Leaving
  14.  No. and date of transfer certificate produced on admission
  15. No. and date of TC granted on leaving the institution
  16.  Reason for leaving
  17.  Date of vaccination
  18.  Remarks


There will be four allotments for all category of students and two special allotments for SC/ST/BPL in forward caste. The number of allotments in an academic year may change according to the decisions made by the Government/ University from time to time.

 4.1. Trial Allotment

A trial allotment will be published to give the applicants an idea about the chances of getting allotment to a programme and college based on the options, merit and reservation rules. 4.2. First Allotment

4.2.1. After the trial allotment and the period for rearranging options, the first allotment list will be published on the date as per the schedule.

4.2.2. On receiving allotment to a particular option, all other lower options will be automatically cancelled and only the higher options will prevail until deletion or modification by the candidate.

 4.2.3. The candidates who receive allotment will be intimated through SMS/e-mail.

4.2.4.Subsequent to the first allotment there will be more allotments and the number of allotments in an academic year may change according to the decisions made by the Government/University from time to time.

5.Marginal Increase

 5.1. The selection of candidates for the marginal increase in seats sanctioned shall be made according to the rules prescribed by the University for filling the original seats.

 5.2. The total intake including marginal increase and additional seats should not in any way exceed the Statutory maximum limit.

 5.2.1. Additional Seats

1. Lakshadweep students

2. Sports quota

3. Persons With Disabilities

4. Mentally Challenged Students

 5. Students from Jammu and Kashmir

 6. Inmates of Juvenile Justice Homes

 7. Ethnic natives of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

5.3. In case the sanctioned strength and statutory limit are the same, admissions to the additional seats can be conducted over and above the statutory maximum limit to the extent of extra admissions granted by the University.


6.1.1. Candidates who have passed the qualifying examinations at an annual/semester examinations or in the preceding supplementary examinations held by the examination authorities alone are eligible to seek admission to any course of study under the University.

6.1.2. Candidates are not eligible to seek admission to a programme in a particular academic year if they have passed the qualifying examination in the Supplementary/ September examination in the same academic year to which they seek admission.

 6.1.3. The interval between the date of passing the qualifying examinations and the examinations for which admission is sought should not be less than the normal period prescribed for the programmes of study.

6.1.4. Candidates who have passed the HSE and VHSE of Government of Kerala under ‘Save a Year’ scheme and compartmental Examination of CBSE are eligible for admission to first year degree/semester programme in the same academic year itself.

 6.1.5. Such admissions can be conducted to the existing vacancies, if any, without re-opening the admissions already finalized or disturbing the list already prepared. (Circular No. GA1/A2/ 5753 /2000 dated 29.8.2001, 20.6.2003 and U.O. No. GAI /A2/ 5753/ 2000 dated 14.05.2004).

6.2. Candidates who discontinued their studies in the first year/ semester of the programme with or without Transfer Certificate also should seek admission again to the first year/ semester just as fresh candidates seeking admission after passing the qualifying examination.

 6.3 Children of service persons who are awarded gallantry decorations in the Vir Chakra service either in person or posthumously and also “Non-Decorated Service Personnel” who are killed in action will be exempted from the requirement of minimum marks prescribed for admission to B.Com, M.A/ M.Com/ M.Sc courses. (GA/G2/28074/1984 dated 01.12.1986).

7. Equivalency / Recognition

7.1. Equivalency / Recognition of the qualifying examinations taken from other Universities/ Institutions should be confirmed strictly before making admission of students, except in the case of HSE / VHSE of the Kerala State Board and all regular Higher Secondary Examinations conducted by other State Boards, AISSCE (XII std.) of CBSE, ISCE and all Universities in Kerala.

 7.2. The equivalency certificates and recognition certificates issued from this University are of a general nature, without verifying originals of the qualifying certificate and other records of the candidates. Therefore the admitting authorities have to verify properly and ensure the genuineness of the claims of the candidates regarding the qualifications, mode of study, duration of the course 10+2+3 (pattern) etc. before granting admission.

8. Fine

8.1. If the Principals of any college/Admitting Authority make any irregular admission, a fine of Rs.10,000/-per admission will be imposed as per the Syndicate decision dated 07.01.2006 vide U.O. No. GAI/A2/4394/2004 dated 04.02.2006.

8.1.(a) Irregular admissions In addition to the irregular admissions envisaged in the University order mentioned in the para 8.1, the 8.1.(a).(i) and 8.1.(a).(ii) will also be treated as irregular admission.

i. Admitting candidates without CAP registration to a Programme to any category of seats.

ii. Uploading the details of the students admitted after the closing date.

 8.2. The colleges applying for disaffiliation of a Programme or the college itself after allotment will be levied a fine of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only). (U.O.No.2183/ 2017/Admn Dated:15.02.2017 ).

8.3 The colleges failing to ensure that all the candidates admitted (except Lakshadweep Students) have remitted the mandatory fees within the time limit prescribed will be liable to pay a fine of Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five thousand only). (U.O.No. 2182/ 2017/Admn Dated:15.02.2017 ).

9. Concessions to Backward Communities:

9.1. Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe candidates who have secured pass minimum in the qualifying examination are eligible for admission to higher programmes in the affiliated colleges and University teaching departments. (U.O. No. GA I/ BI/36/1992 dated 08.10.92)

9.2. Other Backward Communities will be allowed a concession of 5% in the minimum marks required for admission to all Degree and PG programmes (U.O.No.GAI/A2/9091/1994 Vol. II, dated 26.07.2003).

 9.3. Other Eligible Communities are also eligible for relaxation of 5% in the minimum marks for admission to various programmes of study in the affiliated colleges and University Teaching Departments. (GA/ G2/2566/1986 dated 16.03.1987).

 10. N+1 Admission:- Degree and P.G. students who have excelled in sports/games by participating in the Inter Collegiate/Inter University Tournaments can be permitted by the Principals of the respective colleges to continue one more year, as per the AIU Rules, in the same college where they had completed the course with the same set of optional subjects / languages so as to enable them to complete the Programme of studies successfully. The applications of such candidates for examinations shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations, in time, with the details of their admission. (U.O. No. GA1/A2/9812/2001 dated 27.08.2005).




Seats available in University Departments &  Centres, Government/Aided/Self Financing  affiliated colleges and Self Financing programmes in Aided Colleges are mainly classified as Merit seats,Reservation seats, Community seats (applicable only in aided colleges) and Management seats.

 a). Types of Reservation

Following are the various reservation categories:

  1. Reservation for Lakshadweep candidates
  2.  Special Reservation (Sports quota reservation comes under this category).
  3.  Reservation for Persons with Disabilities
  4.  Mandatory Reservation
  1.  Those who wish to get admission under i. shall applyas mentioned in the Admission Rules.
  2.  Those who wish to get admission under ii. shall apply online through University web site and submit application to the colleges concerned.
  3.  Those who wish to get admission under iii. and iv. shall apply online through University web site.



 The total seats including permanent/ marginal increase.

For each programme in Open Quota and Mandatory reservation seats in various types of colleges will bedistributed as follows:

2.1. Mandatory reservation in Aided Affiliated colleges.

The seats for each programme will be distributed as per the existing pattern given below.

Sl.No. Seat ReservationForward                                                    Backward

 Community                                              Community

 colleges                                                     colleges

I Open Quota 50 % 40 %

 II Scheduled Caste 15 % 15 %

 III Scheduled Tribe 5 % 5 %

IV Community Quota 10 % 20 %

 V Management Quota 20 % 20 %

The seats under community quota shall be reserved for students of the community to which the college belongs and such seats shall be filled on the basis of merit. The seats under management quota shall be filled by the management from among the candidates of their choice. For admission to serial No. I to V students  should  apply online  in  (CAP).

 2.3. Reservation in Self financing programmes in Unaided Colleges, Aided Colleges and IHRD Colleges.

In the case of Unaided Colleges and Self Financing programmes conducted in Aided Colleges & IHRD’s, 50% of the total seats shall be filled by the management from among the candidates of their choice provided they satisfy the eligibility conditions. The remaining seats (50%) shall be distributed and filled as follows:

Distribution of 50% Seats earmarked under merit % of Reservation

                      Open Quota 65

Scheduled Caste 8

 Scheduled Tribe2

Ezhava, Thiyya&Billava 9

Muslim 8

 Latin Catholics other than Anglo Indians 2

Other Backward Christians 1

Other Backward Hindus 5

Those who wish to get admission to the 50% seats under merit in Self Financing programmes in aided colleges shall apply online in CAP. However, those who wish to get admission to the management seats in Self Financing Colleges shall register through CAP and apply directly to the colleges concerned.

 3. Open quota

For admission to seats coming under merit category, students should apply online in CAP. The open quota seats will be filled purely on merit basis irrespective of the category/ community to which the candidate belongs.