NAAC accredited with A+ Grade (3.44)   |   ISO 9001-2015 Certified   |   Partner Institution of MoE`s Flagship Programmes

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


UGC Scheme for Mentoring NAAC Accreditation Aspirant Institutions to promote Quality Assurance in Higher Education

The University Grants Commission has set a target that  every institution shall get NAAC accreditation with a minimum score of 2.5 by 2022. In order to achieve this objective, it has decided to introduce a new initiative for mentoring the Non-Accredited Institutions.  In view of above a scheme has been designed which provides for Mentoring of Higher Education Institutions by a well performing accredited institution so as to enable them to upgrade their academic performance and get accredited.

Mentoring will facilitate the following

 · Training of Faculty and Staff for proper processes, documentation, presentation

· Sharing of knowledge, information and resources,

 · Opportunities for research collaboration and faculty development

· Guidance and encouragement to institutions to adopt best practices.

Mentee Benefits

1. Brings about enhancement in the overall Quality of the Mentee Institution

2. Enhances the profile of institutions as a result of improved quality of research, teaching and learning methodologies.

 3. Receives support in the Professional Development of Academics

4. Increased exposure and speedier adaptation to best practices

Mentor Benefits

1. Additional learning acquired from experience

2. Intellectual challenge of working in different environment

 3. Opportunities for increased collaboration

4. Satisfaction of helping other and see them succeed

 5. Advantage point in NIRF ranking and NAAC Accreditation.

MES Keveeyam College Valanchery was identified as a mentor institution, owing to the College’s performance in NAAC with a grade of ‘A’ with a CGPA of 3.28 in the second cycle. The College is honoured to appoint  Dr. R.SELVAM, NAAC Consultant and former Head of Dept. of Zoology, Bishop Heber College, Thiruchirappally as the Accreditation Ambassador. The Mentoring is being imparted through the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College which will be primarily responsible for the implementation of the program. As per the directives of the UGC, the College has identified five Mentee institutions and MOUs have been signed with the Institutions to conduct the program for implementation of the scheme.


Ansar College Valavannur, Malappuram Dt, Kerala


KR SN College Thozhuvanur, Malappuram Dt, Kerala


MES Arts and Science College Perinthalmanna, Malappuram Dt, Kerala


Majlis Arts and Science College, Puramannur, Malappuram Dt, Kerala


CPA College of Arts and Science, Puthanathani, Malappuram Dt, Kerala


PARAMARSH Activities

Webinar on Literary Arts

19 - June-2020
PG Department of English, MES Keveeyam College, Valanchery organized a Reading Day- National Webinar ‘On the Literary Arts’ on 19th June 2020 at 2.30 to 4.00 pm in Google Meet. Dr. Najila

Webinar on Strategy for Coping with Changed Academ

25 - June-2020
Research and PG Department of Commerce in collaboration with IQAC of MES KeVeeYAM College,Valanchery organized a One Day National Webinar on the topic “STRATEGIES FOR COPING WITH CHANGED ACADEMI

FDP on Pedagogical Approaches and Digital Tools fo

03 - August-2020
A one week Faculty Development Programme (FDP) under PARAMARSH scheme of UGC in association with the Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) was conducted by The IQAC of MES KEVEEYAM COLLEGE, Va

Webinar on National Education Policy and Higher Ed

25 - September-2020
The Internal Quality Assurance cell of MES Keveeyam College, Valanchery was organized a National level webinar on National Education Policy and Higher Education under the UGC Paramarsh Scheme on 25th

Workshop on Research: Proposals, Publications and

28 - September-2020
The IQAC & IPR Cell of MES KEVEEYAM COLLEGE VALANCHERY conducted a  “Four Day Online Workshop on Research: Proposals, Publications and Patents” under the PARAMARSH scheme of the U

Webinar on Cultural Studies

20 - October-2020
A webinar on “Cultural studies” was organized by PG Department of English, MESKEVEEYAM College on 20th October 2020 at 2.30 pm. The inaugural session started 10 minutes prior to the sessio

Webinar on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Indian Educ

11 - November-2020
The department of Arabic was celebrated National Education Day on 11th November 2020. The Topic of the webinar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad & Indian Education System Dr. Sumama Faisal was the resource

One Day Webinar On Career Opportunities for Touris

28 - January-2021
Research and PG Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Tourism club of  MES KeVeeYAM College,Valanchery  organized a One Day Webinar on the topic “Career Opportunities for To

Workshop about Paramarsh Scheme

01 - July-2020
CPA College of Global Studies puthanathani conducted a reference program and workshop about paramarsh scheme for mentoring non accredited institution . MES KVM College Valanchery Principal Dr. C Rajes

Launching of Paramarsh Scheme and Workshop on NAAC

08 - November-2020
MES Arts and Science College Perinthalmanna hosted the Launching Ceremony and a One-Day Workshop on NAAC accreditation on 11th August 2020. The programme was organized under the supervision of MES KEV

Online Workshop on Media

01 - February-2021
P.G. Department of English in association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, MES KEVEEYAM College organized an online Workshop on Media, titled PRASARAN, under UGC Paramarsh Scheme on 1 st Febr

Webinar on Research and Research Methodologies in

08 - February-2021
The One-Day Online workshop on Research and Research Methodologies in English conducted by the PG Department of English and Internal Quality Assurance Cell, MES Keveeyam College under the UGC Paramars

Webinar on Narratives of Freedom Struggle in South

17 - February-2021
PG Department of English and IQAC, MES Keveeyam College Valanchery organised a two day national webinar on Narratives of Freedom Struggle in South Asian Literatures on 17 th and 19 th of February. The

One Day National Webinar on Methodology of Researc

24 - February-2021
Research and PG Department of Commerce in collaboration with IQAC of MES KeVeeYAM College,Valanchery organized a One Day National Webinar on the topic “Methodology of Research in Social Sciences

FDP on Role of Science in Society, Industry and Me

25 - February-2021
The science departments in association with IQAC of MES Keveeyam College, Valanchery under UGC PARAMARSH scheme has organized a three day Faculty Development Programme on the topic of “ Role of

Workshop on Fine Tuning a Good SSR

10 - April-2021
Ansar Arabic College Valavannur was conducted Paramarsh workshop on Fine-Tuning a Good SSR  on 10th April 2021. Session was handled by expert NAAC Consultant Dr. R Selvam from Bishop He