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Code of Conduct

General Rules

1.Each student on admission to the college will be issued with anIdentity Card which will carry a passport size photograph of the student duly attested by the principal. All students should compulsorily display the identity card on their person.

2. A working day in the college begins at 9.30 a.m. with a prayer and ends at 4.30 p.m. with National Anthem sung by college choir and aired over the public address system. All students, staff and visitors in the campus are expected to stand up in solemnity andobserve silence at the time of prayer and National Anthem.

3. The dress worn shall always be clean, sober and dignified.Women students should observe strict modesty in dress andmanners.

4. Since discipline is the bedrock on which an educational systemis founded, every student shall fully co-operate with the collegeauthorities for the maintenance of peace and order in thecampus.

5. Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy

.6. Students shall not disfigure the walls, windows, furniture bywriting on them or drawing picture or sticking bills.

7. Students shall greet their teachers on the occasion of their firstmeeting within the college.

8. Student shall rise from their seats when teacher enters theclass room and shall take seat only after he/she has taken his/ her seat or beckons them to sit.

9. No student shall enter or leave the class without thepermission of the teacher who is engaging the class.

10. Students shall not loiter through the corridors or along theveranda during class hours.

11. Students are strictly prohibited from entering any class otherthan their own without permission.

 12. Smoking, chewing pan, consumption of alcoholic drinks andtaking narcotic substances are strictly prohibited within thecampus.

13. Students shall always maintain utmost decency in theirinteraction with fellow students. Any instance of harassmentwill be viewed very seriously and invite stringent punishment.

14. Students are prohibited from participating in any meetingdirected against the constituted authority or the Government.

15. No meeting or entertainment shall be organized and no fundcollected in the college without the prior permission of theprincipal.

16. Political activism is not permitted in the campus and studentsare to scrupulously refrain from it.

17. No note or petition of any kind shall be circulated among thestudents or pasted on the notice board or anywhere within thecollege premises. Students are not allowed to organize orattend meeting in the college or collect money for any purposewithout the written permission of the principal.

18. Students who go over to other colleges or institutions to takepart in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrationsor strikes will invite severe punishment.

19. The principal shall have the power to inflict the following punishments: fine, suspension, compulsory issue of T.C., expulsion etc

.20. Promotion to higher class, selection for universityexaminations and issue of progress attendance/conductcertificates are within the discretion of the principal

.21. The Principal will have the right to issue transfer certificate toa student admitted to the college without an application fromthe student or the guardian at any time of the course of studyin the college without assigning any specific reason if heconsiders that his/her presence is not desirable in the college

22. No collective representation from students will be

23. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitualabsence to class work, obscenity in word or act are sufficientreasons for the permanent or temporary dismissal ofstudents.

24. Students should take note of the notifications on the noticeboard everyday before they leave the college. Failure to lookat the notice board will not be an excuse for any omission orcommission.

25. Absence from examination / test papers will be treated as aserious breach of discipline and shall invite disciplinarymeasures

.26. Ragging, teasing, intimidating and harassment in any formmeted out towards fellow students and girl students inparticular within the campus or outside are cognisableoffences and students are expressly prohibited from indulgingin such activities.In the light of the directives contained in various courtjudgements in recent years, it is mandatory for the Principalto report all cases of ragging and harassment to the police.

27. The use of mobile phone is restricted in the campus. Insidethe campus, students are expected to put their phones in thesilent mode. Under no circumstances mobile phones shouldbe used inside class rooms, corridors, library and auditorium.

28. In all matters of conduct in and outside the college notspecifically mentioned here in, students are expected toconduct themselves with decorum, keeping up the reputationof the institution.

29. Principal shall be the final authority in all matters regardingdiscipline and he shall also have the authority to decide on anyissue not specifically covered by the existing General Rulesmentioned here in.

30. Students are expected to bring their ID card &Handbookeveryday.

31. Students shall wear prescribed uniforms on all working daysexcept Wednesdays without fail.

32. Students shall always wear identity cards issued by thecollege with tag and show them as and when demanded by thePrincipal, teachers and office staff/security staff

.33. Attendance in Progress of the students shall be intimated tothe parents regularly.